Considering that NARS is one of my favorite brands of all time, I can’t believe I have never tried any of their facial primers, especially when I like their Smooth & Protect Primer Spf 50.

NARS Smooth&Protecting Primer SPF 50 is an oil-free formula that can be used as a primer and sunscreen. It provides sun protection while covering the face. At the same time, it can smooth fine lines and prevent environmental stress. It is very suitable for daily use, extending and enhancing the effect of makeup without clogging the pores.

NARS smooth and protective primer is packaged in a slim white plastic tube and contains 30 ml of product. The primer itself is milky white, which immediately reminds me of Benefit POREfessional primer visually. It is a light yellow emulsion that is easy to push away.

On the skin, I noticed that my makeup looks easier to slip off and the skin feels moisturized longer. Usually, if I go to an air-conditioned room, my skin will feel tight at noon. I think this primer can extend that feeling and make my makeup look fresher.

It is also very lightweight and has a matte finish. As an SPF primer used before makeup, it laid a good foundation for my makeup, reduced redness, and made my makeup easy to apply without blemishes. It is comfortable to wear.

In short, I like it very much!




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