Eyeshadow is the soul of my makeup. I like Nars Cosmetics Single Eye-shadow very much.

Glowing, reflective shadows can provide shadows, highlights and lining effects to the eyes. Strong coloring power, durable, anti-crease color can be applied transparently or layered to produce a more significant effect. The colors slide smoothly and evenly, blending together effortlessly.

I have Sudan, but I actually feel it is pinkish. It is a bit beautiful, cool pink, and a little blue. Another use of this shade is to swipe my blush and/or highlights. I like the appearance of cool tones, but most of my blush shades are warm, sometimes a little cooler on the cheeks will benefit the overall look, and a flick of Sudanese red on the cheeks helps to cool the appearance.

The color is translucent, it can be ejected from the black box and put into the magnetic palette. There is still a small mirror on the package so you can watch your makeup at any time.

It has matte, satin, metallic and bright finishes, you can choose according to your makeup needs, and it will bring you a surprise performance!




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