I am currently looking for anything that can help me restore my dull skin, and Nars Radiance Primer has caught my attention.

It is a luster-enhancing primer that can instantly restore dull and fatigued skin. The radiation-enhancing compound contained in it warms and brightens the skin tone by reflecting the pearlescent light. The plant extract Evodia Rutecarpa promotes microcirculation, improves skin vitality, and makes the complexion more vigorous. The antioxidant blend helps protect against free radical damage, while SPF 35 helps prevent harmful UVA/UVB rays.

This formula does not leave residue on my skin, and it also blurs my pores and fine lines. It does not feel heavy or excessively oily on the skin. I like that it does not make my skin look super oily, like some sunscreen. In fact, the formula is moisturizing, but the makeup is matte!

The packaging is convenient and stylish, with a squeeze tube and flip cap. Lightweight emulsion base tone, with peach red tone and reflective pearlescent light, evenly blended, revealing a silky but beautiful “brilliance”.

I really like this luminous primer! My liquid foundation and pressed powder have slipped and my skin looks more radiant. It is better than when no primer is used.

It gives such a gorgeous glow to the skin, which is necessary for those days when my skin looks a little dull.

Let me know if you will try it yourself.




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