In addition to the amazing Powermatte lip gloss, NARS also launched a new line of lip liners in 26 different shades.

It can meet almost anyone’s needs. These are cool. They are a new product of NARS-Nars Cosmetics Precision Lip Liner.

Various colors, from nude colors to bright colors, to some crazy shades. These NARS pencils also “melt”, but no matter how much I use, they don’t look heavy or thick.

NARS describes it as a bold attempt at a basic wooden lip liner. The new pencil uses an innovative moisturizing formula that glides onto the skin effortlessly and injects long-lasting color into the lips.

The range of shadows is incredible! The formula is really creamy, but hard enough to produce clear lines. It feels soft, moisturizing, and color locks well.

They are long-lasting, comfortable and not drying, although I can’t exactly call them moisturizers, and they do not have a fashionable or offensive taste or smell.

In short it is amazing!




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