I am very satisfied with the various colors in the initial product lineup, and I very much hope to see a bigger breakthrough in NARS. A new matte lip formula has arrived-Nars Cosmetics Powermatte Lip Pigment.

I also like the unique pointed applicator, which is very helpful for accurately applying the initially liquid paint to the lips (especially around the outer edges of the lips).

If they can last for 24 hours comfortably, I’m not surprised at all. Even in the middle of my lips, all eating and eating began to disappear gradually. Unless I observe carefully, it is difficult to tell. The formula is incredible.

NARS’s  Powermatte lip gloss incorporates liquefied pigments, which can be lightly covered in one swipe and is light and light. There are 20 matte shades to choose from, ranging from delicate rose nudes to rich blacks.

They are very pigmented, so they have no markings at all! All you need is a thin layer of paper, which is a good thing for liquid lipsticks.

And they smell like vanilla! I like vanilla lipsticks!




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