When I heard that Nars launched reflective powder, I was really excited.

When I picked up Nars Cosmetics Light Reflecting Pressed Setting Powder for the first time, it reminded me of the MUFE HD powder I used a few years ago. If I have to make a quick difference between the two powders, it is that NARS powder adds some healthy glow (not shiny) to the skin, while MUFE powder makes the skin matte. Therefore, NARS powder is suitable for all types of skin, and MUFE is very suitable for people with oily skin.

The packaging is a compact box packed in a cardboard box with some cardboard-proof things around it, and a travel bag with its own fine powder puff/sponge. I haven’t tried sponges, but I have heard that this sponge is like a dream. I also heard that the rubber-like powder cartridge is easy to leave fingerprints. However, this can be avoided. You need to wash your hands every time you touch it. For convenience, you can also use wet wipes.

It comes in two shades, crystal; translucent, very suitable for medium to medium skin tones; and sunstone; very suitable for medium to deep skin tones, without white projection or reflection on the skin. When I use it, I always wait for my foundation to dry a bit, then beat it on the powder about three times with a powder brush, and then dust it all over. This only needs to be done twice because you can quickly complete the look and finally see the fluorescence in flash photography.

NARS’s unique Light Reflecting Complex™ (Light Reflecting Complex) optimizes the light reflection on the skin. It can produce a soft focus effect by optically diminishing fine lines, wrinkles and pores. It helps to regulate the shine throughout the day, making it perfect for touch-ups at noon.

In short, take it with me when I go out, and I won’t have to worry about my makeup all day long!




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