I have to say that NARS fully understands what I think. Nars Cosmetics Hardwired Eyeshadow is completely my favorite.

Hardwired formula should be a unique combination of glitter pigments and glitter pigments, with excellent color effects and high-gloss metallic texture. There must be some changes in the finish of the various shades in the series, ranging from more traditional glitter to thick glitter to iridescent glitter.

These highly pigmented powder shadows have varying degrees of shimmer, shimmer, and pearly colors, so when you project them onto your skin, you will get a lot of light reflected back. Very eye-catching.

The powder of these powders is incredible. Sometimes shimmers and flashes like this are emitted from outer space, and I don’t know why-maybe because of the size and shape of the powder particles-but it is difficult to get them to stick to my lid.

This is lumpy and the pigment will break during application; this is not a big problem, but please make sure to use a viscous ointment for good results and long-lasting results.

In short, it looks very festive, I recommend you!




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