Today I recommend Nars Cosmetics Duo Eyeshadow!

The eyeshadow on the packaging is placed in a black cardboard box, and then placed in a rubber-coated powder box. It is still the classic design of NARS. It hasn’t been changed for ten years. The matte texture of the shell adds a sense of fashion, but it is easy to get dirty and sticky dust.

The eyeshadows are very color-developing, and the glitter contained in them is very meticulous and low-key, and the gloss and shine are not too over, and NARS eyeshadows can be used wet, damp the brush and then faint The color rendering and flicker after dyeing will be stronger.

But the small disadvantage is that its eye shadow adhesion is relatively weak. Be careful when using a brush, otherwise the powder will easily fall on the lower eye area and make it dirty. It is recommended to put a piece of paper towel under the eye before applying the eye shadow, which is safer Oh.

The formula is softer, smoother, has a more buttery feel, and has a goose down texture, and the texture seems to glide better on the skin. They are as pigmented and not tough as you would expect. The shimmer is very delicate and can adhere well to the skin.

Hope you can tell that I am absolutely in love with these eyeshadows. The quality is amazing, the pigmentation is great, the color is perfect for every day, but still special enough to justify spending the money!




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