It is notched in a glossy red plastic tube. The tube feels very light and strong. I absolutely love unique and bold designs. Its applicator is on the shorter side, the bristles are very flexible, evenly spaced, and the tip is tapered.

The formula is really creamy, so it can be applied to the eyelashes effortlessly. This also ensures that the eyelashes remain soft and do not become brittle. You can recharge even after the mascara is completely dry.

I have been using NARS Climax mascara all day and have not seen its peeling or fuzzy feeling. As for scale-free and stain resistance, I would say it is 90%. I say this because it is not waterproof.

If you like really dramatic eyelashes, I think you will like this mascara very much. It will definitely produce a false eyelash effect. My eyelashes are both plumped and lengthened, especially if you choose two coats. The mascara formula can give full play to the impact in a coat.

I would definitely recommend this mascara to my friends who want a plump and separate mascara!


  • $12.00 /0.08oz.
  • $24.00 /0.21oz.


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