About Me

Welcome to July Rose Blog. My name is July Rose and I am based in the heart of England, in the county of Staffordshire. July Rose Blog stems back from 2012, where it was created on a whim one evening in a small university bedroom in Lancashire, I have not looked back since.

This blog features everything from talking about being disabled to my cats, travels, family life, favourite food, and so much more.

During my two years developing my knowledge of the cosmetic industry whilst working at Lush, I wanted somewhere where I could share my passions and explore them more. July Rose Blog was born and has since grown at an incredible pace that blows my mind. Just one year into blogging, I left my day job and became self-employed as a Freelance Social Media Manager for Beauty and Fashion brands, and a full-time blogger.

However, if you just fancy a chat or have any questions then please do feel free to just drop me an email or tweet.

Thank you for stopping by!