I have only started going abroad on holiday again in the last 4 years, and each holiday has been after my car accident. It’s safe to say that travelling has been far from easy for me, and sometimes we’ve had the worst time in airports. It has really put me off wanting to travel and given me terrible anxiety about it. That was until this year. Finally, I looked into booking airport assistance and had the easiest time breezing through the airport and all with minimum stress and pain. I was really surprised at just how easy it is to travel whilst disabled and now, I’m really wanting to travel more. It looks like it’d even be possible for me to fly on my own thanks to the fantastic assistance that you can get in airports. So, what Europe destinations do I want to visit next?


I don’t care that people say it smells, I really don’t. I love water and a city surrounded by water sounds like a complete dream. Every single photo I’ve seen of Venice just makes me want to go even more. I’d happily struggle and perhaps even fall into the water just to get on a gondola. I want the full Venice experience and I’ve even picked out a few hotels that I love the look of already. It’s safe to say I’m ready to go and this is definitely the top of my Europe destinations that I want to visit the most.


All of my family have been to Paris but me, why!? This is simply unacceptable. I must go immediately and I really want to go in November for my birthday. My parents had a dinner river cruise and constantly talk about how amazing it was, so of course that’s on my list. Again I’ve picked out my extremely fancy, 5* hotel too. It has a spa pool and the decor is unreal.


*Said in a Spanish accent* I adore Spain but I’ve only ever seen the south of it, and so, I really want to see the more well known places. I’d be offended if anyone tried to speak to me in English as I really love trying to get around speaking completely in Spanish. I also want to visit Madrid and Valencia too. Of course when visiting different countries it’s important to have a European health insurance card.


I’ve already been to Rome but it wasn’t with the nicest of company, so I’d really love to do it again and actually have fun this time. It’s such a stunning place with so much to do and with so much on offer. I think guided tours are the way to go there and definitely paying extra to see more of the Colosseum and The Vatican.

What are your top Europe destinations?

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